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International standard facilities in Sai allergy,asthma,eye hospital

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Climate change is causing increase in plant and pollen allergeis in India

last 23 yrs climate change has increased pollution in India about more than 56% as compared to world ,we are ahead of china too,Construction dust,indoor allergens as Dust mites,paper dust,Molds as AC use,vehicle pollution along with Bio waste burning in Increased very fast. Thats why allergic cases as rhinits,asthma,chronic respiratoryRead the Rest…

Pollution has made qorst health care probelms,how to combat it

 last 21 yrs working in allergy,immunology,lots of Asthma,allergies have gone up,anaphylaxis; as per 100 yrs of treatment,allergy testing,immunotherapy will immediately treat the patient,but to prevent future generations,we have to act and preventi majors to reduce pollution has to be made

Indoor House dust,spider web dust,moulds from AC/Wall Moulds,Dust mites in beds,cushions are harmful

Indoor allergens as house dust,dust mites,spider web dust,grain dusts,moulds on wall,cars,AC,bathrooms,under basins;hay dust,cotton dust,silk dust,human dander,animal skin epithelia,pigeon feathers,droppings,cockroach droppings,house fly eggs,insect droppings are significantly allergic to patients with skin,respiratory allergies,asthma,eye conjunctivitis,keratitis. Even food allergy can cause severe anaphylaxis reactions causing deaths,asthma,eye sumptoms,acidity,food intolerance,gastro-colic reflux,indigestion,repeated diarroea,ulcerative colitis,irritable bowel syndrome asRead the Rest…

Smog in pune leading to summer allergy,asthma

Last two days,lots of smog in morning is causing increased cases of allergy,asthma aggravation.three days back in morning from sixth floor even i couldnot see regular parvati or taljai view up to 9 am,when there was best sunlight of summer,two days from taljai once we view down,all buildnings are inRead the Rest…

Allergy(skin,urticaria,dermatitis.allergic rhinits,Eye-conjunctivitis,keratitis,food allergy),asthma treatment at sai hospital,pune

Sai hospital offers complete solution  to allergy all types as deviated nasal septum(excessive bone growth),snoring,tonsilitis,adenoiditis,tosiloadenoid hypertrophy,sinusitis,ear problems(otitis media,Bell’s palsy,vestibulitis),asthma,COPD,immunologicalproblems,autoimmune disorders. best allergy testing,De-sensitisation(immunotherapy) completely possible cure for allergy,asthma;it can stop all medications

Swine flu vaccine concepts

Swine flu is one of the flu infection which spreads fast,contagious with severity as pneumonia,ARDS,septicemia,multiple organ involvement is very fast ,more in children with underlying allergy,asthma,juvenile diabetes,obesity,tonsiloadenoid hypertrophy etc.In adults also all above mentioned disease ,as well hypertension,diabetes,respiratory allergy,chronic diseases are prone for complications.Vaccines against swine flu ,more effective isRead the Rest…

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